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Red Books Day celebrates left books, their authors, and the people’s movements they ushered forward.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published The Communist Manifesto on 21 February 1848. The day, however, is not just a celebration of the publication of the Manifesto, but a time to stand in solidarity with the comrades across the world who have been facing attacks from the right-wing.
On 21 February 2020, more than thirty thousand people from South Korea to Venezuela joined the public reading of the Manifesto in their own languages.  ︎ This booklet ︎ captures the day in words and images.

Join us this year for Red Books Day on February 21, 2024, marking the 176th anniversary of the publishing of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It is an international celebration and commemoration of the Communist Manifesto and the liberatory impact it has had on people’s movements, past, present and future.



We are calling on organizations, unions, collectives, publishers, artists and individuals to host activities for the #RedBooksDay2024 celebrations. We’ve created a toolkit to help you get started.


First, think of an action, big or small, to show your solidarity with leftist literature everywhere! Some ideas…

︎ Host a reading of the Manifesto, virtual or in-person

︎ Post your favorite “Red Book” on social media

︎ Hold workshops or study groups about the any red book

︎ Create political art in commemoration of Red Books Day

︎ Distribute copies of the Manifesto in your organizations

︎ Document everything you do with the hashtag #RedBooksDay2024

︎ …or anything else you think of!


Once you’ve decided an activity, here are some next steps to join the #RedBooksDay2024 celebrations:

︎ Create a social media square graphic for your activity and share it with the hashtag #RedBooksDay2024

︎ Submit your activity in this form so we can include it on

︎ Gather with your communities and stand in solidarity for leftist books!