Red Books Day at Connolly Books
Communist Party Of Ireland

︎ Feb 21, 10:00 AM GMT

︎ Connolly Books, 43 Essex Street East, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland

︎ In-Person


Red Books Day celebrates left books, their authors, and the people’s movements they ushered forward.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published The Communist Manifesto on 21 February 1848. The day, however, is not just a celebration of the publication of the Manifesto, but a time to stand in solidarity with comrades across the world who have been facing attacks from the right-wing.

#RedBooksDay2022 is international celebration and commemoration of the Communist Manifesto and the liberatory impact it has had on people’s movements, past, present and future.Previously, we took part in a global public reading of the manifesto. It saw more than thirty thousand people from across the world reading it in their own languages.

Our contribution was of course as Gaeilge (it can be watched here - )

Join us in Connolly Books this year as we mark the 174th anniversary!